Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oh My. My Geekiness is Showing!

I am afraid I am a geek. Okay who am I kidding?! I'm a geek through and through! Want to know why?

1. Lord of the Rings are my favorite books. I love them. End of story.

2. I love the Doctor (aka Doctor Who the TV shows)

3. I wear geeky T Shirts such as my knew "Just Who It" t shirt!

4. I would say I'm smart but I'm really not. Maybe average. Although my friends would say I am totally nuts when it comes to CFC's effecting the Ozone layer in which it makes a hole (which is called the "Ozone Hole") People who don't know anything about them think they need to be eliminated but if we do then the death rate will increase from notstarilizing stuff right, cooling in fridges, and fire controll! AND the "Ozone Hole" is SEASONAL! It's gonna come back! It was there before we started using CFC's! Okay.... sorry... I will get off my soap box. I'm pretty sure my best friends are embaressed now.

5. And the newest edition to my geekiness! *DRUMROLL* MYYYYYYYYYY


So what do you think? They are just for reading, computer, sewing, piano, etc! Just the up close stuff! So are y'all for or against geek glasses?

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  1. You're amazing, Emma!! :D haha and I loveeeeeee your glasses! They are adorable!


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