Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Goal!

I am saving for an ipod touch! Yeah! So I need $150 so that is part of the reason I was having the giveaway below to help make some money! Also I am selling my little Ipod Nano Touch (shown below)

Anyone need one of these for $75? 

It is in great condition! A few slight scratches on the back. Has been is water before, but still works perfectly! Comes with one USB cable.

If you are interested email me at



3 note(s):

  1. hmm... i'd like one, but sadly, don't have the money. :( sorry!

  2. Miriah wants an iPod Touch. :) I don't really need one because I have my iPad, but they definitely look really cool. I'd offer to buy your Nano, but to be honest, the new Nano isn't really my cup of tea. My dad has one. They're just way too small, I'd lose it too easily. :D

  3. Love to buy it and I could probably pull the money together but my parents prefer I save my money for a mission trip, collage etc.


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