Thursday, November 22, 2012

How Was Your Thanksgiving?

Hey girlies! How was your thanksgiving? Mine has been pretty good :) We started by getting up at 8:00 and getting up and ready! (complete with putting make~up on even without going anywhere! and doing chores EVEN THOUGH we did not eat at our house! :O) So we did some baking and walked over to out Grandmother's house to eat with our aunt and her family and (of course) our Grandmother. So we stuffed our selfs and are just chillin B) lol Tonight we are going to celabrate Christmas with our aunt and uncle and cousin since they don't live here :( So that is my thanksgiving! Was yours good?

So on another note so sorry about not blogging all that much and for not having the new design yet... ya my sister is going to code it for me and she has been pretty busy... well we all have because my Grandfather went in the hospital and family came so you can understand, right? lol BUT hopefully! it will  be up soon :)

NOW HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED RHETT AND LINK?! Cause if you have not you are missing out! SO GO CHECK "EM OUT! lol XD

OK! Well I will go now :'( See ya later!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

In Christ,

PS I WANT TO WATCH ELF TONIGHT! If you have not seen the movie Elf you have not laughed alot!lol XD

2 note(s):

  1. We had a nice Thanksgiving, thanks for asking *Grin* tonight my sisters and I are going to watch DW in honor of today being Doctor Who Day. It will be fantastic :D
    God Bless

  2. For us, Thanksgiving started a week early. :D My "mamaw" has hers the weekend before the real one so everyone can still go to their OTHER family's Thanksgiving.

    Lotsa sugar. Lotsa blessings. Lotsa fun.

    Hope your grandpa is doing better!


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