Friday, March 15, 2013

Another Birthday

This is my birthday weekend! Tonight it starts with a spend the night with my closest friends (minus a few blogger friends I wish could come :'( ) tonight we are going to eat supper, play jsut dance, watch movies, and talk and giggle and laugh and make fools of ourselves tomorrow when we play minute to win it games! :'D It's gonna be sooo much fun!

What's that? How old will I be? 14! The big 1 4! OH YEAH!

Right now I am watching Elf because it doesn't have to be Christmas to watch this movie! <3 Any movie suggestions for us to watch tonight?

I AM SO EXCITED! (sorry if I shout this randomly :/)

Okay got that off my chest! Also I made a mustache cake! It's soooo cute! *proud look* but alas I don't have a picture for y'all :(

Okay! Weeeeelllll I will try to post again soon!


8 note(s):

  1. DUUUUUDE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :D Turning 14 is amazing. Cherish this year. I know it's going to be awesome for you. :D

  2. Happy Birthday!!! :D

    Sounds like you're gonna have lots of fun. ;))


  3. yaeh! 14. wow. how time flies! you should watch the avengers! oh ya, I watched october baby and it was a reallly good movie!

  4. Happy Birthday, Emma!

  5. sounds like fun! happy birthday! :)

  6. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


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