Sunday, March 17, 2013

Product Review: Joyeux Boutique: old love letters hair clip

Hey! Today I will be reviewing this lovely clip from the Joyeux Boutique! First I want to say thank you to Blythe for letting me review this! Now on to the review!!!!!

Isn't it lovely?

This is a simple but lovely clip that has burnt edges in a layered, tan, flower with a pearl in the middle! It goes with a lot and here are a few ways to wear it that I thought of!

1. Of course your hair! Clips can go with sooo many hair styles! Half ups, buns, pony tails, and taking a little hair from the front and pinning it back like I normally do!

2. Clip it to a scarf! Just take a plain scarf and clip it to it! It dresses it up and adds some spice to your outfit ;)

3. Clip it to... anything! If you have a small bag or a bracelet or a headband go ahead and try it!

Now! Everyone go check out the shop and buy something! It is all super affordable quality items that will add something to any out fit!


2 note(s):

  1. Lovely review, Emma! I simply adore Blythe's shop. My favorite is a tie between the blue layered hair clip and Titanic Romance Layered Red flower clip.


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