Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Christmas Day

Yesterday my little sister Beth and I had a wonderful day! Mama had to go to town and Daddy was going with her so we talked them into buying us a Christmas tree and we would stay home and clean! So we cleaned the house until it shined (almost. not really. but it looked good!) then the fun began!

I googled a recipe for baked ornaments and found one. Well we didn't have salt (actually today I found some. Tipical me.) so I googled again and found one to make that only called for corn starch and baking soda. So I tried it and failed. BUT I found several reasons why I did and tried again! And it went GREAT!

BUUUTTT It wasn't THAT simple! We didn't have any cookie cutters! So we printed out some Christmas shapes and went to town!!

 You can get the recipe here!

So after we put the ornaments in the oven we made a gingerbread house and got some lunch! Then decorated the ornaments!!!

After that we made cookies! (And found the cookie cutters! UGH!) And decorated the delicious sugar cookies!

Then Mama and Daddy brought back the tree and we had a fun time decorating it with our homemade ornaments, and eating Christmas cookies!!!

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  1. Wow, that sounds like so much fun!! And I know what you mean with only finding things AFTER you need them!!


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