Monday, May 19, 2014

{I need to rant} Internet Pet Peeves AND AN ANNOUNCEMENT

Sooooo while cleaning my room at 12:28AM because I feel sick when I lie down (lovely acid problems *rolls eyes*) I started thinking of my long list of internet pet peeves and thought "why not share with the world?!" So here are my top internet pet peeves!
Abbreviated words OVERLOAD

I can't say I never type "LOL" "WRYD" or "BRB" but I'm talking about when people are like

"i went 2 the mal it waz awsom i luv time with u iz u buzy sunday" Like really please speak in English!

"I bet 99% of you won't repost this"

*me scrolling through instagram* "'I think Mattel should make a bald Barbie for cancer patience.... *awweeee that's so sweet*... I bet 99% of you won't repost." :I  Your so right! I hate being guilted into things. especially on the internet.


Okay sooooo I'm not one to brag but you have nooooo idea how many of these I have survived! Like I am practically invincible when it comes to these! But seriously! WHO BELIEVES THIS STUFF?!
1. I don't have it on my instagram where you can see where I live EVEN IF YOU FOLLOW ME.
2. I'm just gonna be honest I have never been threatened by a dead person...
3. How would they know if I didn't repost it?!


OHMYGOODNESS I CANT EVEN DESCRIBE HOW MUCH THIS BOTHERS ME. "Like for Jesus, Scroll for the devil, Comment so you will go to heaven" UGH MY RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS IS MORE THAN A CLICHE PICTURE! *breathes heavily* Okay sorryyyyyyy can you tell that really bothers me?... I need a life...

Thank y'all for taking a minute to listen to me rant!!! NOW FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT


I'm going to (Lord Willing) start a blogging/video series of what I named (please don't laugh I think it will be fun!) "KISS OR DISS THIS PIN!" Where I try these unbelievable pins and we see if they work! I am super excited!!! I have the first video filmed buuuutttt I need to download it to the computer and edit and post it etc etc! But please comment down below on some of the pins you would like to see if they are real of not! I'm super excited! I will try to do this once every week or two! Also I should get a new blog design soon!

So hopefully I will get that post posted soon but for now I need some sleep!


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  1. Oh my word I so have the same internet pet-peeves. And your video idea sounds awesome =D


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