Saturday, May 31, 2014

Make Up Tutorial : The Everyday Look

Hey! Today I am going to show y'all how I do an everyday make up look!

so first start out with liquid foundation. I am using Avon MagiX Cashmere

DO NOT FORGET THE SIDES OF YOUR FACE! Especially if you are going out with your hair up!

Put concealer in a triangle under your eyes to highlight your cheeks and get rid of dark circles. Also hide any blemishes.

I use concealer on my eye lid to give me a base and as a primer. (I am using Maybeline Mineral Power)

Next lightly dust your face with powder.(I like to use a large foundation brush) This is mainly to set your foundation. (I am using Avon Lasting)

 Apply blush lightly to the sides of your face and apples of your cheeks.

 This is optional but I like to use ELF High Definition to give me a more flawless look. I got this at Target for about $5 bucks.

 I will be using this color pallet from Wet and Wild!

Apply the light pink shade to your lid and brow bone.

Blend the taupe color into your crease

Line your top lid with a black eye pencil (this one is from Avon)

Curl your lashes!

Apply black mascara! I love Avon's Mega Lash! IT IS AMAZING! It gets every lash, doesn't clump all your lashes together and is just $10

Add a shimmery white to your tear duct areas and a very light bottom eye liner if you want your eyes to pop more!

And your finished! This is very natural but is light and elegant! Send me a picture if you try it out!!! What sort of make up tutorials would yall like to see? Thanks for reading!!!!

Emma Margaret

2 note(s):

  1. Hi! I love your tutorial, I'll definitely try it out when I get home! And, oh my, I'm wearing my hair the exact same way today! :)

  2. I do my makeup usually the same way you do. I use Covergirl Clump-crusher mascara, which is about $5, and it works well for me (I have long eyelashes anyway, though). Anyway, love your tutorial! =)


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