Sunday, June 1, 2014

Godzilla: Movie Reveiw


So Daddy and I went to see Godzilla annnndddd it was something! Here is what it's about! 

A boy loses his mother in an "earthquake" and his father kind of leaves him and goes crazy. 15 years later we catch up to him he is married and has a son, and is just home from the army. He gets a call. That his dad is in jail in Japan (where the "earthquake" happened and his dad needs him to come bail him out. He does and his dad is SURE that it wasn't a natural disaster but SOMETHING MORE (aka Monsters). But everyone thinks he's cra cra! (He got arrested for going back to the sight to get his old stuff to do more sciencey tracking stuff that I don't understand!) anyway his father INSISTS on going back so Ford (his son) reluctantly goes with him. While they are there he finds what he needs but is quickly arrested. They are taken to another sight where he is questioned. While there something starts and as you probably guest it include Godzilla....

Nope I'm not telling the ending! Just setting it up! So what did I think of the movie? Welllllll....

I actually liked it. But it's not a movie I would buy or watch often. There were many deaths and I have a super vivid imagination and always put myself in their position which tends to be a very morbid life style I would like to change buuuutttttt..... I guess it's how God made me! 

THERE WAS NO HUMOR AT ALL. I mean yeah it's action but 2 or 3 jokes in a movie makes it a whole lot more worth while for me. Maybe this is just me... 

So what would I rate it?  It's got lots of violence, mild blood and guts, a little kissing and snuggling but no sex scenes, about 10 cuss words (S, H, D), and is just very serious so PG 13 is a good rating. Out of 1-5 stars I would give it about a 2 1/2. I enjoyed it but it was a little too dark for me. 

So I suggest you be at least 13 to see it! (Unless your like a heart of steel 12 year old) but it was pretty good! And DEFINITLY an awesome movie if you love being scared and on the edge of your seat but not in a horror way (like me! I don't think I could do horror...) 

Anyway! Have y'all seen it? What did you think of it? Comment down below!!! 

Have an AWESOME DAY!!! 

Emma Margaret 

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  1. It looked ok to me. I really didn't know if I would like it at all. I agree with you that humor can do a lot for even a serious movie. Thanks for the review!


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