Monday, December 12, 2011

It's A Record!

Wow! I have won 3 giveaways on one day! First time! I won one from

Grace place The one I wanted to win!

Tiana's Treasures a pretty red cowl.

ransomed princess and a pretty scarf (I LOVE scarfs)!

You can click on the links and check out the blogs I won them from! Yay!

6 note(s):

  1. Hey Emma!!

    I wanted to tell you that you won one of the 12 days of Christmas at Discover Life!


  2. Wow thanks so much Ireland!

  3. Sure. Also I used that button for a blog post! A Wordless Wednesday... I guess it's not so wordless. (grins)

  4. =D by the way did you get my letter???

  5. Yes I wrote you back and am sending it tomorrow! So glad it was a yes!!!

  6. Good! I love pen pals and letters and things like that!


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