Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So today I made snow... Do you want me to explain? =)

Well I bought a make snow thingy from dollar tree a while back and thought I would blog about it =D

I really liked it! Here is the picture of the finished product!

=D =D =D

So I have had an idea to do a "Blogger Challenge" where we set a date to blog everyday for 1 week. I would have a button so you could put it on your blog too. So it is just an idea... So what do y'all think?

Mama gave me a CD yesterday it's Erin Bates CD. She is SOOO talented!

Well not a very big post but it's a post! Good Night!

~Emma <><

10 note(s):

  1. Cool blog Emma!! And cool post!

  2. Making the snow sounds fun... :) That's such a good idea. we should do it. :)

  3. Thanks Laura! And Serenity it is fun!

  4. Hey Emma!
    I got your letter today and I will write back tonight or tomorrow! Also I will try to buy something from your shop tomorrow or the next day!


  5. Thanks Ireland you are sweet! I hope you had fun screaming into a pillow (big smiles) =)

  6. One more question... When I buy something I leave only one comment but it counts for 25? I think that's what you said but just checking!

  7. Rite! And thanks SOOOOOO much! My first order!!!!

  8. Oh Yeah!!! So glad I'm your first! I'm really excited about getting them!

  9. Hey, Emma Margaret. I replied to your comment on my blog, but I just thought that I'd comment here too just in case you don't see it. I would love for you to design my blog. I need your e-mail to send you info though.
    Thanks so much,

  10. Great I replied back to you! Can't wait!


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