Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Fashion day Four: Neesie Designs

Hello! So today I will be reviewing a headband from Neesie Designs! I wore....

Dress/ pearl earrings/ brown flats/ head band

Dress: Made by Me
Shoes: Pay Less
Earrings: Present
Headband: Neesie Designs
Quality: The quality of the headband is great! She has gotten TONS of sails and is a great headband maker :)

Likes: I loved the rustic look of this headband the ruffles everything!

Dislikes: Only problem I had was the burlap string wrapped headband was the slightest bit itchy and that was the only "problem".

Price: You can get a spectacular headband from her for about $20 dollars.

Shipping: It came in a big box. I did not expect that :) It was full of pink paper strips to protect it and was really nice shipping!

Overall view, I loved this headband! I will definitely be wearing this again! She was also GREAT to work with! Thanks so much Melanie!

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  1. That headband is adorable! :)


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