Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Fashion day Two: Wild Rushing Flowers

Hey Girls! Today I will be reviewing a pair of earrings from  Wild  Rushing  Flowers! 

I wore...

a black bunting skirt/white top/black sweater/black flats/ dangle earrings from rushing wild flower

Skirt: Made by Me
Shirt: Target
Sweater:.... not sure actually...
Shoes: Shoe Show

Quality: I would say the quality was great! I could not tell anything was wrong, and they did not hurt my ears so I thought they were great!

Likes: These are great earrings to wear with lots of colors! They had multiple colors in them so they were easy to pair up, they will also go with T-Shirts and jeans!

Dislikes: They were just great!

Price: I don't know how much these were but I do know that there Glass Bead earrings are on sale for $2 right now! So go buy some!

Packaging: Packing was great! It can in a brown paper sack that was folded to look like an envelope  ( I love that idea ;) And the earrings were in a small fake flower to hold them both together!

These earrings are great for girls who like Medium sized dangles, so go to Rushing Wild flowers and buy some!

Thanks so much Alexandria! I really like my earrings :)

3 note(s):

  1. Thanks Emma! I LOVE your skirt btw, you are a very talented seamstress! I'm glad you love the earrings! Thank you for doing a review on them!

  2. I love your outfit so much! You got a lot of cuteness going on.:)



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