Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Fashion Day One: Glam Handmade

*Fall fashion week will be going on for one week. Enjoy the post!*

Today I get to review the Mr Mustache necklace from Glam Handmade!

I wore...
Blue Jeans *hand me downs*
Chevron Top *made by me*
Off Brand Toms *shoe Show for $12*

I LOVE the Mr. Mustache necklace!
Quality: This is great quality jewelry! Everything is sturdy and cute!

Likes: I just love the necklace! It has an adjustable chain, so that was a plus!

Dislikes: At first I did not like how big (thickish) the chain was, but soon after trying it on found out it was perfect for the necklace!

Price:I actually cannot remember how much it was. I think it was about $15, which is a pretty reasonable price! And if you love mustaches it will be well worth your $15!

Over All View: Shipping was great came in cute packaging, product and quality were excellent, Love the necklace!, and the owner was very easy to work with! I would give it a five star!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Thanks so much Miss Desiree for letting me review your product!

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5 note(s):

  1. OOOH! CUTE! Can't wait to see more of these awesome reviews!

  2. Also, the chevron top is GORGEOUS girl!! I want one!

  3. I love your outfit it's so cute :)

  4. love your sweater and that necklace!! looks great on you. :)

    lots of love,


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