Monday, October 29, 2012

Things I Love


finishing good books

Jokes with besties

star wars



simple dressing

laughing so hard you cry <3

the Doctor (Doctor Who)

What are things you love?

3 note(s):

  1. You can combine Doctor Who, and the 'Always dress well' quote. ^.^

    Always dress well, for you never know when you'll need to run with the Doctor.

  2. Starting new books (I HATE FINISHING BOOKS, it makes me so sad), sickeningly happy Christmas music, Darren Criss, musicals, and Edwardian fashion. <3

  3. Hey Emma!

    I'm a new follower but I've been reading your blog ever since the DW blog party *grin* I love Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlcok (minus an episode and a scene or two) Muscials, good books, Christmas, fresh rain, the smell of a river... and of course, ACTING. Acting is such the best and it gets better when you can Sing and Act *Nods*

    Doctor 10 is so brilliant. Nine is my favorite :D I loved EVERYTHING about him, right down to his northen accent, huge grin, and leather jacket (I also like the way Rose made him 'better' and the both slowly fell in love, especially near the end of the season) But Ten is wonderful too! He has the glasses that make him look 'clever' he's quirky and he rushes about his TARDIS, hitting dials and making his famouse "WHAT?" face. What's NOT to like?? Then of course, there is the ADORABLE romance between him and Rose. (Which was just so special *Sighs*) "I love him to *Bits*"

    God Bless


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