Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hello! Let's Dress up Shall We?

*Hey this is a follower raiser, I am trying to get more followers for my blog to see how many followers I can have by my one year blogaversary! So please help me! :)*

This is going to be alot of fun! So first off, what is you favorite movie/ TV series? Mine is Doctor Who! So if you are a fashion lover like myself it is fun to dress up like characters, right? Well why not have a contest? Why not dress up like one of you favorite characters in (one) of you favorite Movie/ TV series? It is going to be fun! So Let's get to it! Here is what you do!

Pick which movie/ tv show you want to do!
Dress up and take a picture!
Get a picture of the person you dressed up as and make a blog post with it! (invite you followers to do it!!!)

So I dressed up as Rose Tyler off of Doctor who here are my pictures!

Rose Tyler


So my character loves big hoop earrings and I tried to do my hair like her and wear make-up. I am SO not a blond ;) but what do you think? So try it out! Give me the like and I will put it on this post! Can't wait to see what you have for me! XD

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  1. Sooo I saw your post over on Day by Day, and I knew I just had to pop over and follow you! The nail art was so neat!(: and you have such a super cute blog as well.(:



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