Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moving Gram (and other things)

Hey Girls! So we are going to move my Grandmother this week, I am excited :D ,but not about all the work :( My Aunt and sister will be painting while Mama and I are packing her up. Please pray for us! Moving is no fun :P

So what have I been up to? Well yesterday my Aunt and cousin got here. So we went and visited my Grandfather in the nursing home, then we went out to eat and shop. I bought some peachy colored finger nail polish, and a pair of sun glasses (I am so stylish! ;)

Today we went to church. While we were at Church and good friend of ours gave me a present. I helped her with Bible School, and then went with her one day to do a little "work". It was hardly any work, but she said I helped :) We went to a store and there was a bracelet. It was blue braided string and a gold feather and clasp. I loved it! So a few days later she went there and  bought it for me. Then she gave it to me today at Church. She is so sweet! She also told me what the feather stands for. I think it meant God makes our sins as light at feathers.

So what has been going on with y'all?



2 note(s):

  1. I will be praying for your Grandmother's move! :) cousins and aunt slept over. :) We have been spending the past 2 days with them!

  2. It's fun to live at your grandmother's house!
    Haha, you are very stylish! :D
    Ooh, the necklace sounds lovely!


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