Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Skype is a Wonderful Thing

Today my friend Ireland and I had a skype date! Well I was an hour late... but other than  that we had a fun time! We talked about books and other things. We also decided we need to have a blog party!

ALSO all (free ;) blog designers! Make me a test blog design! I may not use it, but I would love to see your ideas!

Name: Whimsical Chatter

Colors: Gray, bright blue

I want it very simple, nothing too fancy. Maybe the type where the header has the same color as the background or something like that! Just try something pretty :)

*nothing crazy, polkadoty or floral! ;) *

I can't wait to see what y'all come up with! Oh and if I pick yours you get a free month add on my blog!

3 note(s):

  1. I want a Skype so badly!! I will try to enter the design thing :)

  2. Hey Emma!!! Skype is fun!! My photo challenge is still going. It ends tonight. You should come join. The details are on my blog.

  3. You changed your design.... Hmmm... :) I LOVED Skypeing you yesterday! It was so fun! Let's do it again soon! :) AND I can't wait to do our blog party! :)


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