Saturday, December 15, 2012

10 Days (of fun!) Until Christmas!: Why wasn't I Born a Britt?!

'Elo! Hows it going? Care for a coffee or perhaps a good cupa? I prefer tea too! Cream and sugar? Just the way I like it! Tea is brilliant don't you think? My Mum prefers it cold I believe... but I guess that comes with being a southerner!

Well today I haven't been up to much, but my sister, Grace, and my Dad went to see the Hobbit! I really want to see it! It looks brilliant! But since it was Grace's birthday just they went. I stayed home and drank a tea and watched the Sarah Jane Adventures, it's a Britt TV show.

Have you checked out the giveaway below? If you haven't you should! You are being daft if you don't! I have some fantastic sponsors! It is mad how many prizes there are!

Can you believe it is only ten days until Christmas? I can't believe it! I don't believe in father Christmas though, and frankly I think I spend way too much time thinking about what I'm getting and should be thanking God for what He sent us that Christmas night. Oh, our Christmas play is going to be Saturday! I know everyone will be brilliant! I just hope I don't mess up too bad!

I really need to catch up with mah mates before Christmas! Usually I see them at sewing class but we don't have any of that the month of December so I haven't seen them in.... a few weeks... but we have been doing a little texting so that makes it more bearable! I am missing mah mates!

Oh by the my Mum has a blog go check it out  ;)

If you think I am being daft or thick for making this post go ahead and think that! I am having fun :D

Oi! I wanted to tell y'all how to make the best hot chocolate! (for those of you who don't drink tea ;)

First! Take a pot that will hold at least 6 cup of liquid! Then take a can of condinced milk and 3 table spoons of coa coa powder and mix together. Than add 5 cups of milk or if this is too sweet ad more! Also I love to add a sprinkle of cinmon and marshmallows are always welcome! 
and Bob's your uncle!

Trust me that is the best recipe evah!!! <3

Alright well this will be the end of the post I am afraid! What is you favorite British slang? What is your favorite type of accent? 

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