Sunday, December 2, 2012

24 Days (of fun!) Until Christmas: Christian's Christmas (devotional)

Christmas is one of the most important times for Christians, the day Jesus was born! I think alot of times we lose sight of what is really important! I mean I WILL NOT LIE! I absolutly LOVE GIFTS! Don't we all ;)? I forget a lot of the time about what Christmas really is, and as a Christian it is really important not to!

Jesus Christ came to the earth fully God and fully man! Now whoa!!!! This is really hard to understand, right? Well to be honest I don't get it all either! But as a Christian I have come to trust that God's ways are higher than our own! Also I feel thankful to God for not letting me know all these things! I mean if I knew everything like HE does, MAN IT WOULD DRIVE ME CRAZY! I don't think any human could hold all of HIS knowledge! Only until we are in heaven with HIM will we know all this!

(alright back on track!!! ;)

So Jesus Christ came to earth fully God and fully man, just to die on the cross for our sins! Also when I was little this is how I saw Christmas,"Mary had the baby Jesus in a manger with shepherd and *3 wise men around and it was very important" more or less that was it, I mean we all went to Sunday school and learned with the picture of Mary and Joseph in a barn looking place with animals all around and shepherds and sheep and wise men with camels right? But I know have a new perspective of how much Mary and Joseph. In those days when Mary showed up pregnant they could have killed her, and what shame was lade on them both! They just had to trust in God! Also I know some people worship Mary and I *please this is just what I believe and MY views!* think that Mary would be VERY sad to know this. She was willing to let God do HIS will even though it brought many hard ships and much shame upon her.

Now we don't know how many wise men there were! In our Sunday school pictures there were 3 right? Well no one knows exactly, I think that since there were 3 gifts they just say 3, but again it is probably one of those things we will only know in heaven!

One of my lines in our Christmas play at Church is "Did you know that the FIRST people to see Jesus were a bunch of raggedy shepherd?" One thing I love about the Christmas story is that HE is TRULY a King for the least (the shepherds) and the greatest (the wise men)! We can always know he will love us even though we may be the least.

God is such an awesome God! I mean who else would die for you and me? Jesus was so willing even though HE knew how awfull it was going to be! The night before he even sweat drops of blood... for us. 

When I think about how wonderful HE has been to me and how HORRIBLE Emma I wonder how he could love me! I am mean, selfish, disrespectful, don't read my Bible as often as I should, short tempered, self centered, a bad influence, bad at keeping promises and whole other list of things! And don't even START on the Ten Commandments! One thing is God says not to murder (NO! I DIDN'T NOW STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!) but says if we get mad at our brother that we have already commited murder, alright now, do y'all know HOW many people I have gotten angry at? Like EVERYBODY! (again short temper) So HE is a really awesome God!

One thing I used to struggle with is that we should fear God. I used to think how could I fear God?! But now I think about it this way, if you hit your sibling are you going to run up to your Mom and gloat about what you did? or are you going to be afraid of what she might do to you? ;) We need a reverent fear of God!

What are y'all's thoughts on this subject?

Oh get ready for tomorrow! I am going to post a Christmas movie!!! :)

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  1. Dude! This is such a great idea to post a countdown to Christmas! :D I love how you spoke about Mary and how she felt about the whole situation. The most amazing thing to me is along with having to experience all of the difficulties in being pregnant, she was also shut away from everyone else. Since she was not married yet, everyone assumed that she was a horrible and immoral girl. Can you think of all the evil glances and scornful looks that she must of received from her neighbors? I think that was a main part of the Christmas story that did not hit me until I was a teenager. I was like, "Sure, Jesus was born in a stable and a manger and what-not" and only thought of Him. Now, I can see what it also took for His parents Mary and Joseph.


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