Tuesday, December 11, 2012

14 Days (of fun!) Until Christmas: :O 2 weeks?!: CATS ARE SO FUNNEH!

Is it just me or can y'all believe it will be Christmas in 14 days until Christmas? :O lol I am so excited! I have my sisters gifts, friends gifts, and I just need my parents... Still thinking about that... lol

Okay so I have been watching some funny cat videos... SOOO FUNNY :'D

So enjoy this and laugh away!!!

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  1. I have two things to say; 1) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
    2) In reply to your comment;

    Hey Emma;

    I'm on S5. We've been borrowing them from whovian friends so it takes us a bit longer to watch them :) "The Empty Child" is brilliant. You should watch it. Its a two-parter and the second part is "The Doctor Dances" It is so cute! But it is creepy. As creepy as Eps with the Weeping Angels. There is this kid-- well just watch it and see!

    I don't like River yet. She annoys me *Frown* I'm sure she'll get better but at the moment I don't like her. I figured she was The Doctors wife when she knew his name in "Silence in the Library" She also knew about Donna so I guess the Doctor tell River about her at some point.

    9 is my favorite. 10 and 11 are battling for 2nd place. They'll probably tie. I love them both so much. There are times when I REALLY miss Ten though. And Rose :(

    WHY DO THEY KEEP CHANGING THE TARDIS?! I want it to stay like it is!

    I haven't seen "Angels take Manhattan" yet but I've heard it is sad. I think Doomsday was the saddest episode ever. Even worse than Fathers Day and Journey's End :'( I'm on "Cold Blood" I cried when Amy was taken by the ground because The Doctor looked so upset "NO NO NO!!" and then Rory was taken by "The Crack" I cried when that happened, even though I know he comes back!

    You should watch this amazing show called "Merlin" IT. Is. BRILLIANT.

    God Blesss

  2. Haha! SOOOO cute! =)

    I awarded you at my blog: diligentlywaiting.blogspot.com.



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