Saturday, December 8, 2012

17 Days (of Fun!) Until Christmas!

I can not believe it is only 17 days until Christmas! Wow! The thing is here it is still hot/comfortable which I wish it wasn't! I wish it was colder so I could bundle up in a big sweater and drink hot coacoa! Oh well, life in the south :(

One thing I am very excited about this Christmas is two days after Christmas we are going on a trip! My big sister is going to Passion (a Christian conference for seniors to 25 year olds) and we are taking a friend!

So first we are going to go visit my Aunt and her family and just have some fun! Then after a few days we will head to Atlanta to the Gorgia dome for Passion! Also Grace is extatic that she also gets to see Mikayla! 
Her Child hood bestie :)

So while Grace, Mikayla, and Rob are at the Passion conference Mama, Daddy, Beth and I will have some fun! Not sure all we are doing but for sure we are going to see Mama's child hood friend who lives there :)

I love trips! Especially since we found motion sickness medicine! If you have bad motion sickness like me and my sister this stuff is AMAZING! Makes trips 100 times better! lol bit exited ;)

So what are y'all doing for Christmas?

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  1. I'm going to my aunts house for christmas! I'm super excited!!!!

  2. have fun at your trip! Wish I could go with you ;)

    Humm, maybe we should invest in some of that motion sickness medicine, since like everyone in my family (except me and my sister) get really bad motion sickness.

    Anyway, fun, fun, fun!


  3. It sounds like you are going to have a blast! I hate this warm weather as well so I am right there with you. -_-

    This Christmas we are celebrating at home and might have Christmas Eve at my grandfather's house. It is always a surprise for what we end up doing haha Nothing is ever planned. :P


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