Friday, December 21, 2012

4 days (of fun!!!!) until CHRISTmas!!!

CAN Y'ALL BELIEVE IT IS 4 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS?! I can't! So I am ALMOST finished with my gifts :) I am really excited to see what my family will think! 50% of almost everyones gift is hand made *by me :)* lol

Anyway, as of lately I have...

Played on my iPod *alot*
Baked 30 loaves of pumpkin bread *today* (yeah I know...)
watched the Cosby Show :D
Gotten on Pinterest *thumbs up!*
Taken pictures for Instagram (emmamargaretd)
waiting for Christmas!
painting my nails <3
snuggling with my dog :)
trying to eat healthier
warm holiday candles <3
putting up lights in my room <3
watching Doctor Who
playing with friends at a homeschool party
we got the new Jonathan Park! XD
listening to Christmas music
about to eat supper!!!

What have you been up to?

4 note(s):

  1. Hi!
    Do you watch the newer Doctor Who or the old one? =D

    1. Newer! I will have to look up the old ones though!

  2. I <3 ur blog soooo much!!!! I would love to hear from you!! Merry Christmas : D


    Noelle : )

  3. I scrolled down quickly through the post to look for something on your side bar and my gaze caught a few words of your post. I saw "painting my nails" and "snuggling with my dog" and of course, my brain mashed them together and I read "painting my dog". You can imagine my expression from the mental picture of you painting your canine and then the laughter that followed.


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