Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ransomed Princes Blog Party

1. Besides celebrating the birth of Christ, what is your favorite part of Christmas?  
Ohhhh... I like the drinking hot coco part =D

2.  What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Well we don't have many but every Christmas eve we go to our grandparents house where all our family gathers and exchange Christmas presents.

3.  What has been your favorite Christmas gift?
I really liked when we got our wii =D We did not think we would get one =D

4.  Do you have a special Christmas tree ornament?
My grandmother gives me a Santa ornament every year (I think my first one from 1999 is my favorite)

5.  What is your favorite Christmas Carol?
I like Carol of the bells (so fun to play on the piano)

6.  If you could be anyone in a Christmas nativity play who would you be?

Ummm.... I don't know..... in the Christmas play at our church I like being one of the narrators.
7.  What is your favorite Christmas movie?
I like Santa Paws

8.  Do you go caroling?  If so where do you like to go?
Well I have only been with my church one time and we are planning to go this year so I don't really go caroling but if I had to choose a place it would be the little neighborhood about 5 miles away close to our house.

9.  What is your favorite Christmas decoration?
Eather the tree of the table decorated.

10. The birth of Jesus brought a light into the world.  How can you bring some light in the world this Christmas season?

If we go caroling maybe! LOL

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