Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our Trip Part 1

Our trip was lots of fun, this is what we did!

Well we started off getting ready, taking motion sickness medicine, loading in the bags, and some other stuff then we were ready to go!

Well we had to drop the dogs off at the vet and get something to eat so after ALL that we were on the road.

The first stop we made was at this Amish Store (but it was not owned by Amish the owner just liked Amish stuff). I got a cookie =D

So after a while we got there. Aunt Peggy Rea and Daddy went hunting most of the time. Us girls stayed at there house and did whatever we wanted! They also had a Wall Mart like less then 3 minutes away so that is awesome if you live over an hour to get to the nearest Wall Mart.

That's all for now! I will try to write some more soon!

2 note(s):

  1. Sounds AWESOME so far! I love trips. :] I would like to visit an Amish store sometime...:)


  2. Oh wow! We used to live a few miles away from the Amish... This post makes me feel homesick ;-)
    Lovely pictures!


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