Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Days of Pictures

This is what I wasn't to do for my month of pictures! (I am still on vacation and do not know when I am going to start it though ;)

1. Favorite Pet

2. My Hobby

3. My Favorite Earrings

4. Something I Made

5. Something I Love

6. Where I Slept

7. My Room (Hopefully a Clean Room :)

8. Something Yellow

9. Something Orange

10. Something Pink

11. Something Green

12. Something Blue

13. Something Red

14. A Chair

15. Something that Spins

16. Something that Makes a Noise

17. Our Cat

18. Something Sad

19. Something Happy

20. Something Cool

21. An Object

23. A Food

24. An Electronic

25. A Letter (Like A,B,C)

26. My Name

27. A Clock

28. Something to Eat

29. Somewhere to Sit

30. A Smile =D

Tell me what you think of my list! I got this idea from Go check out her blog and see her list!!!

(giveaway coming soon!!!)

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