Monday, November 28, 2011


This post I will blog about my daddy =D

I love my daddy very much. He is 
knows alot about the Bible and can usually answer all my questions,
knows how to help us make stuff and fix stuff (like he helped me make mama's Christmas present)
is fun,
and lots more.

Every birthday he takes us out on a "Birthday Date" 
It is LOTS of fun!! We get to pick what we do then Daddy takes us out (just the birthday girl and him)
and go have a good time.
We do stuff like pick a favorite restaurant to go to, go to a movie, build a bear =D, and just have some one on one time with Daddy.

He LOVES Josie our dog. She acts just like his daughter. She will sit in his lap, play with him, and just loves him more than any one else.

He also gos hunting and fishing and sometimes takes one of us with him.
He takes Josie (his baby) hunting too =D

I love Daddy very much!!!

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  1. I thought this was such a nice blog about your Daddy. It is wonder to have parents who love you and who are willing to give their all for you. So many children don't feel loved. Love of God and parents makes all the difference in the world. You are blessed, as am I, for always having had a loving family.
    Love, Aunt P.R.


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