Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Craft Day Link Up

Today I am going to show you how to make a "you fell asleep here" book marks (I sell them on my etsy but you can make them)

What you will need is ...

1. Scissors
2. An envolope
3. A Pen

Then you cut off the end of you envolope

Then you write
"you fell asleep here"
Or whatever you would like to put.

Now you have a really cute book mark made by you!

6 note(s):

  1. Awe :) What a cute bookmark! I might just have to go and try it out now...


  2. How cute! Love the idea. I think I'll go and make one now.

  3. That's cute! Would you mind if I used your idea on my blog? I won't use your pictures, and I'll give you full credit. Really cute idea!


  4. Sure! I got this idea on pintrest and have made a few. VERY fun!!!

  5. Oooh. I ♥ pinterest! There are so many amazing ideas!!

    (btw, I'm "lottie greer"[http://pinterest.com/lottiefaith/] if you want to look at my boards, and could I get you're name so I can follow/look at your boards? thanks!)

  6. Well I own the shop EmmaMargaretDesigns does that help? I am not totally sure what you mean =P Sorry! Maybe you can find them if you add me to your circle....


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