Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I will be 13 in March! Okay I know that is kinda a long time away but I have wanted to be a teenager for almost 13 years!!!!!!!! (lol =)

For my birthday I would like to have a party with my friends. Like take them out to a movie, buy a movie and do fun stuff at home and stuff like that.

Well got to go to bed so see you......tomorrow?

See ya ;D

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  1. I couldn't wait till I was a teenager either and now I'm turning 14 tomorrow. :) :)

    happy early birthday!!....lol

  2. Wow Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Emma, I have enjoyed looking at your blogspot today. I share the blessings which you have listed above. I also loved seeing your pictures and seeing the nice Thanksgiving table you set. Hope you all did have a Happy Thanksgiving and did not eat too much Turkey.(-; Tell Grace I could not get on her spot but will try again. I don't think she has ANONYMOUS so I can write her. Blessings from Arkansas. Love, P.R.

  4. Love you Aunt Peggy Rae!


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