Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 2 Giveaway!

So this is the Blue Giveaway and here are the prizes =D

                           The picture will be a 4 by 6. The winner will get both prizes =D

This is for US only

Follow my blog (1) 

Blog About this Giveaway (2)

What is you favorite thing about fall (1)

Put my button on your blog (1)

Tell me what you favorite blogs is (1)

This giveaway will end on 11/26/2011 and I will be having one more giveaway on my blog so keep checking up on my blog!!!

10 note(s):

  1. My fav thing about fall is the beautiful leaves and weather!

  2. My favorite Blogs are Umbrella Girl, A princess in Purity and Beautiful Girlhood.

  3. My fav thing about fall is the changing color of the leaves!

  4. My favorite blog is Adorkable!

  5. My favorite part of fall is Thanksgiving!

  6. My favorite blog is:


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