Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Can I Take Out My Mouth?!

IT HURTS SOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, sorry peeps ;) My teeth hurt SO STINKIN' BAD! Anything I eat hurts me! Soup hurts, soft cheese quesodias hurt, favorite cereal hurts, it all hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you get the point?!?!? OUCH! Okay sorry for the craziness but my mouth, I want say it, ow ow ow okay a little relief! Oh Wait! Hold on a sec!*leaves for a sec*

okay sorry, I had to get my big sister to call my Mama and tell her to pick up some more Tylenol. Yep, it hurts! BUT Mama is getting me some Neapolitan ice cream, and fudge cycles, and soup is one of my favorite foods. BUT I can't eat captain crunch cereal, candy (OH MY GOODNESS THAT WOULD HURT!), pizza (I love pizza :( and TONS of other stuff!

Okay if you have to get braces don't worry! It is not like this for everyone.For my sister Grace, she does not even remember being sore, so don't worry! It just happens to hurt me a lot!

My braces are a raspberry, they are cute! Oh and guess what I get to do this weekend!

I get to go see October Baby with a couple friends and am SO excited! October Baby is a really good movie! Y'all should see it! Now you are probably wondering how I know this since it just came out, well it came out in October for Mississippi, since we had voting coming up about stopping abortion.

Prayers would be aprisiated for my mouth :) *hint hint*

Anyway, have a good day!

Yours Truly,
Emma Margaret

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  1. AW poor you ~:o( i will pray that the pain goes away!! 2 of my sisters had to get braces . . . . one of them hated them! haha! enjoy eating the sugar! ~:o)

  2. ya..braces hurt the first few days and it hurts so bad to eat Any thing!
    but I bet the pain will go away. I hope it goes away soon!

    --Rachel S

  3. Poor You!! I wil pray! Hope you enjoy October Baby!


  4. Aww :( I'v never had I can't give you any advice...
    But I'll be praying you feel better really soon! :)
    And I sooo want to see October Baby, that's cool that you got to see it earlier, though!

  5. Oh, I know, I have braces too! You think it hurts NOW? Just wait until you get.
    Rubber bands! :( It only hurts for the first week or two , don't worry, it will go away soon :)

  6. I know how you feel!! I was like that when I first got mine, and now each time they are adjused. Especially since I just got elastics. I haven't eaten properly in days!! It's so weird, because my brother has braces and elastiics, and his mouth is never sore! xP Don't worry, it will go away soon! :)

  7. Aw:( I have braces too- they can be awful at times!

  8. I hope you feel better. I've never had braces, but I imagine that the tightening hurts. Well, look at it this way: when you take them off, you'll have straighter teeth. That's a plus:)

  9. I have braces, and I can feel your pain. It hurts when you get them adjusted the first time too, and when you get elastics at first.. but my brother has braces and they almost never hurt him, where as mine hurt like alot. I will pray for you...

  10. It will go away after a day or two! I know it hurts!
    But just think, a little bit of pain and then you will be on the road to straight teeth!


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