Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Okay Girlies!

Okay, my mouth hurts! Because of that little thing stuck in my teeth in on the picture in the side bar, yes braces! But we will talk about that later! Rite now we are here to talk about the name, I have changed it to Yours Truly, Emma Margaret because I am truly God's, I have been His since I was 9 years old. Get it? What do you think?

Also if you want to do a guest post send it to


and I will post it!

Yours Truly,
Emma Margaret

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  1. join the club of Braces! the first day I got them on it hurt so bad and I wasn't used to braces on my teeth and then it's normal after.

    I drank hot stuff to sooth the pain.

    I like the new name!
    --Rachel S

  2. I love your new name. .. . Soooo cute

  3. cool braces! what color are they?
    I'd love to guest post..I'll think about.


  4. I love your new name! And braces are kinda cool, if you get to change the colors :) I had them a few years ago (only 4 though :P). I hope your mouth is feeling better :( Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)

  5. Ok, I might do a guest post soon! Is it ok if I don't get it sent out till Monday or Tuesday?

  6. Oooh! I have braces too! *high five* It'll only take a week to get used to them, I promise! Absolutely LOVE the new name! It's gorgeous darling!

    Talk to you soon girly!

  7. Cool! I had/have a mouth appliance... Anyways I sent my guest post too you!


  8. Ooh, I love the new name!!! :) And, girl, you are seriously adorable with the braces! <3

  9. Ouch ouch ouch. I totally remember the awfulness of braces. But it's totally worth it. Also, I learned pretty quickly that if you take an ibprophen right before you go in to get them tightened, it's like a million times less awful.

    You really do look way cute with them though!

  10. I totally LOVE the blog title! Lovely <3

    Ooh braces, wow! One thing: they hurt less and less as you go! But think of them like jewelry for your mouth ;)

  11. Emma, when do you want me to have the post done by? Just comment on my blog and tell me. :D

    I have braces now and you'll get used to them. Just use wax if they start rubbing on your cheeks and you'll get used to them in time. :)


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