Friday, March 16, 2012

Notes from Em's Blogger Friends....

Dear Emma,
You have been such a sweet blog friend! Your blog posts are always so sweet
and encouraging, and the comments you leave on my blog make my day! :)
...Now for some advice! {translate:non-advice... just really things that
I have noticed as a teen :)} As a teenager, there will be
more responsibilities. But that's not a bad thing! :) People will trust
you more, and therefore trust you with tasks and other things that they
wouldn't have a year ago :) You'll get a bunch more friends, some not
Christian. Remember to be a light, the city on a hill to them.
{ I really have to tell you that!} Most of all, remember, you
only have 7 teen years, make the most of it and live for Jesus! Happy birthday, friend! <3
Emma seems like a very sweet, godly girl with a good fashion
sense.(: She is a girl I would love to meet. Keep up with your blog, Emma!!
Happy Birthday, Emma! Turning 13 was a huge excitement in
my life, as I'm sure it is in yours. I've often heard people say that
the age of 13 is when everything in life starts to count: the choices
you make, the grades you get in school, etc. I think *all* choices
count, but when you become a teenager, you're presented with a lot more
choices than you had before! The world is a freaky place these days, so
be wary! But I think you'll do just fine as a teenager. Besides, it's
also a time where you get to experience a lot of fun stuff, like makeup,
and buying new clothes, and staying up later to finish all of your
schoolwork on time! Happy Birthday, Emma -- we're all here for you if
you ever find that being a teenager is more complicated than you thought! :D
Sincerely, Mookie
Dear Emma,Happy Birthday!! 13 is a big deal, a really, really,
really big deal. :) I pray that God blesses you with wonderful teenage
years full of His blessings and grace! :D And, I hope you have a totally
fun Birthday, may it be the best one yet! ♥

2 note(s):

  1. Rats i didnt get to do this! I forgot;( so...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM! I love your blog...and you are very unique and special just the way God made you. I am blessed to know you through the blogging world...I know you have encouraged me :-). God bless you this next year in your life, Emma!

  2. Emma,
    May the Lord lead you through each and every choice and trial. I'm not teen, so I won't give any teenage like advice accept for keep your eyes on the Lord!



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