Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hot nor Cold

If you have done a study on Revelations you know what I mean! The church of Lo.. Loda... okay don't remember the name, BUT They were neither hot nor cold. They were luke warm. What is that you ask? Well Hot being on fire for God. Cold being... I guess just cold hearted sorda and luke warm being a little of both. Well God did not want them to be luke warm! He would have rathered them be one or the other! And ya know what? I have not been hot nor cold :( I have not been on fire for Him, but I have not been Cold... that kinda leaves me, yep, luke warm.

So I need to be on fire for God! Bringing Him up in convorsations! Talking to Him! Glorifying Him in all that I do! Spreading the word! The list could go on and on... :(

I ask for your prayer that I would grow closer to Him. Christianity is like a roller coster. You are eather on a hill, close to Him, or in between hills, not being near enough to Him. Have y'all ever felt this way? A while back (a few months ago) I think I was "hot", but then I took a dip in the roller coster. I am ready to get out of this dip, and be on fire for Him again!

I SHOULD be on fire for Him! He has done SO much for me! He sent His son to die on the cross to save us from our sins! Now if you have not looked deeply into what Jesus really went through, wow. It was almost more than dieing on the cross. He went through ALOT!

So I am thinking about changing my blog name. The name everyday emma is really cute, but this Everyday Emma needs to be glorifying God. So I am thinking about changing it to something that does.

So if you are having these problems I would love to exchange prayers! Also do y'all have any name ideas?

Untill next time!

Emma <><

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  1. I will keep you in my prayers. :)

  2. Great post, Emma! So right, we need to be on fire for God, not lukewarm or cold.

    Name ideas.
    "On Fire for God"


  3. I can have the guest post done by Wednesday. Does that sound alright? When I have it finished I will give you the password.

  4. I agree that everyone should be on fire for him, but it is so hard! I have been struggling with this as well, so I will keep you in my prayers...


  5. Yep, sadly same here. :( I'll be glad to pray for you, I know how hard it is. You are yet young though, so luckily you have plenty of time to grow!

    Your blog title is nice, but a God glorifying one would be GREAT! :) maybe.... "Emma On Fire" or "Living4Him" or... idk just throwing stuff out!


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