Monday, March 12, 2012

Chili and Perry

It is lunch. I made some chili! (for the first time :) And we are watching Perry Mason, the old TV show with the mysteries (our new obsession ;).

So, my birthday is in 4 days *everyone claps* okay, maybe not, but I am super excited! We are going out to eat pizza then paint ceramics at Fat Cat Ceramics (I have never had a friend party!) Oh, for the party favors (I have never had party favors either) my sister is helping me make really cute headbands!!! I am also getting an Angry Birds cake!!! YAY! (the fun thing is I have no idea what it looks like! I will get to see it at the party).

AND Grace, my big sis, is making a birthday blog party (and some of you are helping :)

Oh and I also have *looks around to make sure no one is watching* have... 100 minus 10 followers (SHH! every time I blog about it someone unfollows me :'( *sniff sniff* SO SHHH!!! ;)

8 note(s):

  1. Happy Early B-day! :)

  2. Advance happy birthday girl!

  3. Happy Early B-Day!!!Sorry people keep on following you!

  4. I know what you mean with people unfollowing you, I've lost 2 followers already. *sniffle*.

    Happy early birthday!


  5. Happy early bday!

    Yea now you have 100 minues 9 followers!! Haha way better than my 29.;)

  6. Happy early birthday!!! You are older than a lot of months I think. (Sorry about the unfollowing!)

  7. I emailed you a kind of important email.

  8. Yeah I got stopped following me today which was pretty sad for me since I have so few as it is! :(
    ANYWAY... I got your letter and sent you one back today WITH a little something in it as well! :)

    Happy Early Birthday!!!



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