Thursday, March 22, 2012

MORE UPDATES! sorry :)

Ya... um... You could say I have not been a very good blogger the past week SO sorry :( Now all of you are going to unfollow me and always hate me *sniff sniff* Y'all would not do that would you?! Okay so now for the updates!

Well today I had to go to the dentist, I had a total of ZERO cavities!!!!! *everyone claps* okay, maybe not! So then we went to piano, and then visited my Grandfather. Did I tell y'all he moved into the nursing home? Well he did and is doing GREAT! We are so happy! And there is a person who lives in a room close to him. Her name is Miss Molly and she is so precious! Love 'er :) Then we to a friends how to eat and stayed there for FOREVER! And now we are FINALLY home! Home sweet Home... don't know why I only capitalized the H's :)

So y'all know what I look like right? Well that girl now has a pair of off brand TOMS (grey), Toenails painted with Crackle nail polish, and light sabor earrings! LOVE THEM ALL :)

Well I will try to post some more later! So until next time!

Your crazy blogger,
Emma <3

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  1. Nope I'm not going to unfollow you! haha. :D

  2. Oh, you should totally post a picture!!! {I want to see those earrings!} :) That great that your grandfather is doing well! And crackle nail polish is pretty cool, right?? I got some for Christmas and have only used it once, though.

  3. Cool! I had 0 Cavities the last time I visited too!! Congrats!


  4. You actually do pretty good! I don't think I could write a new post every single day. :P

    I went to the dentist yesterday and I have to get my tooth pulled in two weeks!! EEK! :(


    PS: Please go follow my new blog:

  5. Yaya forr cool off-brand stuff! ^_^
    ...lightsaber. earnings.?! Oh my GOSH that is EPIC! :D

  6. What are your knock-off toms called?

    1. Aloha Island is the brand. &16 dollars is a good deal :)


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