Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear Bloggers

I saw this on another blog and LOVVEDD it! So here goes!

Dear Talia,
I love your blog! You are so sweet and your blog is so entertaining/encouraging! I missed you on your break!

Your faithful follower,

Dear Trinka,
I am always checking for a new post on your blog! And thanks so much for making all those buttons for me :) You always do a great job! 

Your friend,
Person who Can't make Buttons

Dear Ireland,
How I wish I could meet you!!! I love being pen pals with you! I love every letter I get! It was so thoughtful of you to send me a letter that said you were praying for us when my Grandfather was sick!

Your Friend Forever,
Pin Pal

Dear Grace,
You are my sister. I love you. The rest I can say to you in person ;)

Your little sis,

Dear Serenity,
I absolutely LOVE your name! Okay I just had to get that out! Anyway keep blogging ;)

Your follower,
Emma *MD

Somehow it feels like we are good friends. Even though I have never met you :) Thanks for the oh so many comments (which I LOVE)! 

Your Unmet friend,

First off I hope I got your name right! You also feel like an unmet friend, maybe because we chat and email :) BTW You are very pretty :)

Your Crazy blogger friend,

Dear Mikayla,
I am so glad you got a blog! We are now closer friends! I wish y'all were here! 

Your real friend who knows you by Mookie,
Emma <3

Dear Followers,
I love you all! Y'all are just plain epic! Thanks for reading my blog!

Your Crazy Blogger,
Emma Margaret

*MD are my initials so EMD are my initials too. Sometimes I say I was born to be a doctor ;)

Keep being epic!


13 note(s):

  1. That is so sweeeet! Thank you so much!!!

  2. *woot woot!* for Grace Anna and Mikayla!!! I love those girls to pieces.

  3. Happy birthday Emma! LOVEEEE the banner too! :D

  4. Aww, thanks! :) And HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! :) {hey, my middle initials are MD too!} :)

  5. Oh you are sooo sweet!!! I wish I could meet you to and I also love being pen-pals with you!!!

    So I really came over today to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know you've been looking forward to this day for awhile now and I hope you have a great b-day! I hope it meets up with all your hopes and expectations and you enjoy your family and friends!

    Love you!
    ~ Ireland ~

    p.s. have you gotten my package to you yet?

    1. I did! LOVE the locket!! I wore it the day I got it in the mail :) I will wright you back soon!!!


    2. Glad you liked it! And look forward to your reply!

  6. Aww.... Thanks Emma. I feel the same with you too. (:

    Happy 13th Birthday. :)


  7. Hey you! Yes, you, the birthday girl! I hope you have a simply amazing birthday, Emma! You totally deserve it! :))

  8. This is really, really sweet, Emma - good job. =)

    Happy, happy birthday - hope you have a lovely day.

  9. happy birthday!!!


  10. Awwww thanks so much! You are very pretty too! Happy Birthday! love the design!!


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