Friday, March 30, 2012

Movie Review: October Baby

So today as you know I went to see October Baby, SO good! Here is my review!

So the cast was played by

Rachel Hendrix

as Hannah (main character)
 pic source
She is beautiful ;)

and then there was

Jason Burkey as Jason her BFF from child hood

John Schneider as Jacob as her dad

Jasmin Guy as Nurse Mary

Shari Rigby

Jennifer Price as her mom


Colleen Trusler as Jason's girl friend (you won't like her)

and others but these were pretty much the main characters. Now on to about the movie!


The plot of the movie is about a girl who was in a failed abortion, and wants to find her mother. All I can say :)

Good news or Bad news first? Thought so! Okay

The movie is pretty sad :( Also there is a part where Hannah and Jason have to share a room... not so good ;) Tear Jurcker

It has a LOT of funny parts!!! The acting is really good! John Schnider does a WONDERFUL job as the Dad, and Jason Burkey and Rachel Hendrix do really good! There are a lot of other good things too, but you will expierience them when you watch it :)

I defiantly recommend this movie!!! It is really good!

What do you think of the review? What should I review next?

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  1. Cool review! I'll probably see this movie soon. What was the rating? PG? PG-13?

    I'd like to see more of these on your blog! Good job Emma ;)


  2. Cool!!!:-D Great Job!


    1. My computer said my 1st comment was not published...:{

  3. Good Job! I would like you to review well anything!!!


  4. Oh, I'd really like to watch that movie sometime!

    ♥ Kristie

  5. I really want to see that movie!
    I love your blog also. Your a lot like me in many ways :)

    Hazel ANn

  6. I wanna see this so bad now!!! I liked your review, *maybe youc oud go on a bit longer about what you thought of it?) and would like to see more!

    Since you thought it was good I will for SURE watch it if I can!

    I saw John Schneider IRL once! =p I didn't talk to him or anything, but I was standing so close to him, lol!


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