Saturday, March 10, 2012


Don't have much to blog about, but you know how good I am at being random! It is 6 days till my birthday!!! On my 13th birthday I get to start wearing may cup! I am so excited! I have never had a friend party before...ever! In my life! ;) Anyway so here is what I am going to do, I am inviting 4 of my friends and we are going to a pottery place! I have never been to a pottery place either! And for my cake it will be a big angry birds cake! EEK! I so excited :D Anyway... OOH! I have something to tell you!!!

I am willing to give 2 people a 50% off coupon AND free shipping on up to 3 items on my shop if they will do a product review on the items they bought. Sound good? Comment saying you want the coupon and free shipping!

PS the first 2 people to comment will get the coupon to be fair...

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  1. Awesome, Emma! It sounds like you are going to have so much fun for your birthday! :) Mine's the 22nd, its cool our birthdays are so close! :)

  2. Hey Emma, thanks for the offer, but I'm not sure if my mom would allow me to buy things online. I apologize, and you can just offer my coupon to the next person. I am really sorry :(

    Love always, JC

    1. That is okay! I understand!

      Emma ;)

  3. I want a coupon! Who would not?;)

    I just entered your giveaway.


    followed your blog.
    put your button on my sidebar.
    am helping you reach one hundred followers.
    am helping with your Birthday.
    blogged about your giveaway. [link:]
    followed You Are So Deer to Me.
    Put You Are So Deer to Me's button on my sidebar.

  4. Oh and here is my blog link:


  5. I'll take a coupon!! Again Emma, thanks for following my blog.


    blog name:


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