Friday, March 30, 2012

Goin to The Movies = :) me

Yes! Today I am going to see the movie October Baby with some friends! Beware: Movie review coming soon! ;)

So This is going to be a very short post since I kinda have to go, ya know?

BUT I wanted to tell y'all, this is the first morning to wake up without a sore mouth!!! AND I have not taken meds since 2:30 yesterday!!! I's so happy ;)

Anyway y'all have a good day!!!

5 note(s):

  1. When I come back from the orthodontist and my mouth is hurting so badly, it seems like I wake up several times each night with my mind always on my teeth. Then after a couple of mornings, I wake up, and something feels strange… Then I realize I didn’t wake up in pain. I wish I could have gotten my braces when I was younger, because then my mouth would have been easier to work with but oh well, it’s good to finally have them. =)

  2. Hey!
    Just wanted to let you know my Headband came today!! I am SO excited!!!


  3. Have fun! But you can't have any popcorn ;) Though it may be tempting, you will have a very hard time brushing your teeth later :P I know from experience. I saw the Hunger Games today! SOOOOOOO GOOD :) Tell me how this one is, I might just have to rent it :)

  4. I just looked up that movie, October Baby, and oh my gosh I want to see it! looking forward to a review! It's crazy, but I had such a similar idea for a movie like that, yesterday morning.


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