Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I have the Best Mama and Daddy!

Well yesturday Mama came home and she and Daddy needed a date. So Mama and Daddy went and Mama was going to get us some nice clothes. I called Mama and she said Daddy had a surprise for us. This scared us! When they got home I walked out to see them and in the back seet was a Brand New Singer Hevy Duty Sewing Machine!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it! Mama also picked me out some super cute clothes :)

Today Mama got a call. Gram has to go in the hospital. (Gram and Sam Sam are my Grandparents). So now we have My Grandfather in one hospital and my Grand Mother in another (they are about 1 hour and a half away from eache other!) It has been SOOOO crazy but thank y'all for your prayers :)

Any way Mama bought some fabric for me to have a nice black skirt. So we went over to some good Friends and My big sis and there mom made my skirt. While they were doing that I had the best time!!!!! Me and my friend plade Just Dance 3. OH MY GOODNESS SOOOO FUN!!! We also played out side like we were nuts :)

Then we went to church and I got to see my other friend :) She was so sweet and said she had been praying for us at school (she is in a Christian School). That was so sweet of her!

Any way I hope I did not bour you :) I hope y'all have a great day!!!

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  1. That was sweet of your mom!

    Oh no, i will pray for your grandparents!


    I got a Janome sewing machine for Christmas (it's supposedly one of the best brands out there, but who really knows?) and I LOVE it. <3

  3. Oh, that is soooo cool that y'all got a sewing machine!!!!! :) I personally don't want one, but I want my mom to get one so she can make me clothes ;)
    I'll keep praying for your grandparents!!!

  4. I will certainly pray for your grandparents. I know how it feels. A couple years back my grandmother had cancer twice. She doesn't have it anymore Thank you God!

  5. Aren't the gifts you never expected always the most fun to receive? :)

    I'll definitely be keeping your grandparents in my prayers!


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