Sunday, February 19, 2012

Part 2 of the Story

"Mom, do you want me to cary the cookies for you so you can cary Kate?" asked Malissa.

"That would be a big help Malissa! The cookies are by the stove so that Josie can't get them." Josie was there black lab puppy. She was about to turn one and was very mischavus.

They headed across the yard to there neighbors house, who was there Grandparents, and knocked on the dore. Grampa came to answer.

"Hello kids! I haven't seen y'all in a few days!" Grampa's loud voice greeted them.

"We have been very busy with school and chorse!" Amy explained

"Where is Gwandma?" asked little 2 year old Gracie.

"She is in the kitchen making supper. Would you like to help her Gracie?" He asked in a kind voice.

"Oh yes Gwandpa I love helping Gwandma!" Her little voice trying to sound like her Mothers.

"Well you go right on in. Come on in y'all!" they all came in and took seats. Grandpa held Katie and talked to them, "Mike told me y'all were going apple picking and asked if we would like to come along."

Then Gracie walked into the room with a half eaten cookie in her small hand "Oh yes Gwandpa pwease come! You always make things fun!"

Grandpa laughed, "Yes we will come! Also I thought that it might be a good idea to take a picknick."

"You're right! I forgot how the small restaurant gets so busy at lunch time." Mom agreed.

I have to go but I am going to be working on the story. Any sugjestions???

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  1. Your story's sounding great! Here is a suggestion, maybe something exciting happen on the apple orchard trip, or maybe someone get hurt.


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