Monday, February 6, 2012

My Fun Day!

Today I THOUGHT I had sewing. It ended up my sister forgot about the changed dates or something like that so I did not go... Instead I...

Went with Grace and a friend and Grace got some pics taken. There were horses!!! They were SO sweet and were so fun to pet! I was wolking and I looked behing me and there was a horse rite behind me! That was a lot of fun!

Then we dropped my little sister off at Mc Donalds to see my aunt and we went to there deer camp to take some more pics.

After all that we were headed to get some ice cream for our way home (LOVE basken robbins!!!)

I had a very fun day!

What did y'all do today?

PS I just designed THIS blog. What do you think???

3 note(s):

  1. Hey, looks like a fun day! Thank you for emailing me!
    Your on my good blogs page!
    Do you mine?

  2. Sound's like you had a great day! Horses are always fun. ;) And the blog you designed looks great! :)

  3. Emma, I have just read your blog and am finding it hard to see how to answer you and Grace. If this one gets published, tell Grace that I have enjoyed reading both your blogs and know you have been having a hard time with Gram and Sam Sam being so sick. You are all such smart and sweet nieces. My prayers are with you daily. Wish I were near enough to help out. May God just wrap His loving arms around all of you and give you his abundant love, strength, comfort, and peace in your lives every day.

    I love you, Aunt P.R.


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