Friday, February 17, 2012

Okay I Just HAD to Post!

On my little post thing it says 199 and I just could not stand it! I had to make it 200! WOW can y'all believe that 200!!!! It is 28 days till my birthday too AHHH!!! I CAN NOT WAIT TO BE 13! For my party I have never really had a big friend party so we are going to go to a ceramic shop! I have never been to a ceramic shop period so I am excited! I just got permission today! What if I had a birthday blog party on my blog? What should I do??? I could have a giveaway some crafts and maybe a guest post or 2. Do y'all have any ideas? Comment if you do! Have a good day!

5 note(s):

  1. Ohhh happy birthday! You're such an awesomepson ;) you should defiantly do a guest post or give away some things!!

  2. A blog party sounds so much fun! I remember turning 13. :) It was very exciting.


  3. I vote for the guest posts! Depending on the amount of people you could get to do them, you could have one post every 4 hours or so throughout the day! I like the idea of a giveaway as well. :)

  4. Hey Emma...I finnaly posted like you were wanting me too. :)

  5. That would be fun if you did a blog party.
    Happy early birthday!!!


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