Monday, February 20, 2012

I Have Trouble

I just found out I do not have the patients to write. I write a few words put a couple quotation marks and then do that over and over and over again... I have trouble! If you have never tried it it is harder than you think! Anyway, tonight is revival so this is pretty much the end of this blog post (I think I need to do longer blog posts... what do y'all think?) also do y'all have any sugjestions about some of the things they could do in the book? Thanks for reading!

PS sorry for such a short post... :P

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  1. I have had this problem before, Emma and I still haven't quite solved it. Maybe this post will help you:

  2. Don't give up on writing. You are doing good. I get writer's block all the time. If you r stumped just walk away and try again later.
    I always write my stories from real life.


    ps thanks for your help. :p

  3. Here are a few tips! I hope they're helpful!

    1. Make sure you interested in what you write. Don't write about something that doesn't interest you. Instead, write about something you are passionate about, think is cool or funny, or anything that interests you.
    2. Write a profile page on your main character that answers questions such as name, age, favorites, hobbies, family, goals, dreams, etc. I've done a couple, and they've really helped me think about my characters!
    3. Have a plot for your story. Ask yourself these questions: What is the main character trying to accomplish? What or who is getting in her way? How do the other characters assist the story?
    4. Don't worry about everything being perfect or fancy. This is just your "sloppy copy," and nobody has to see it. The editing can be done later.
    5. Don't just have the characters talk for the whole story. Describe how they are feeling, what their surroundings are, and how the character is thinking. For example, which of the following sentences is more appealing?

    Mary inhaled.
    Mary inhaled, and the cool autumn breeze tickled her nostrils.

    Hope these are helpful!

    p.s. You can find writing tips HERE:

  4. Hey Emma! I wrote a blog post about "writer's block". It's not quite the problem you're having, but it may help you out a little!


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