Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My School Day {a REAL post}

So, I have been schooling away today and I am pooped! Okay some of you may not say that word but it fits :) Any way here is how my school day goes!

First Mama comes and wakes us up around 6:00 to 6:30. After she "wakes us up" ;) we have our Bible time in bed, then get up get dressed and all that fun stuff ;) Then I make breakfast. We eat breakfast (of course... well unless I do something horrible to it or something like that ;) and then after clean up do our chores. Then go to school! Would y'all like to see what my desk looks like?

So this is not my "desk" but y'all get the picture. Right? ;)

Then I get some books out

Okay so maybe I am exaggerating on the quantity of books but does any one else feel this way?! lol

So I work on school get snacks

Okay maybe not this kind of snack but a snack.

And then when I am done I am happy :) It may sound like I don't like school but it is a feeling of structure and acomplishment!

So that is my school day! By the way can you collect box tops for your school if your home schooled??? What if us home schoolers need a new swing set or new books and stuff like that ;) Anyway, have a good day!

7 note(s):

  1. Before I saw the parenthesis under the bed picture I was like

    OmG! Emma, your room is my dream room!



  2. Hey girl! Just wanted to tell you that your blog design is SO cute! BTW, do you know what the name of the font is that your buttons are made with??

  3. Whoohoo for homeschoolers! Great post, Emma! It's posts like these that really let people know about your day!


  4. haha I am home schooled to!!!!
    And that sounds a lot like my day :)

  5. I know here where I live (Florida), a large homeschool company collects Box tops, and with the money they give out scholarships to homeschool students. I don't know if they do that where you live, but its definitely worth looking into! :)
    Homeschooling is the bomb, isn't it? :)) My desk just so happens to be the couch, snuggled up with my penguin pillow pet :P


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