Monday, February 6, 2012

Teddy's Cause Giveaway!

Today Miss Rachell is sponsering! She is sponsering one of her very cute teddy bear pictures! She has a blog called Teddy's Cause and she tries to take teddy bears to Nursing Homes and is now collecting them to send to Afganistan (I think that is where it is :). I won one of her pictures and what she does is she draws it then emails it to you. It brightend my day (they are so cute!) and I hope it will brighten yours if you win! Here are some of what she has drawn!!!

Now do you want to win? Well here is how!

Manditory~ Follow Teddy's Cause (2)

Follow me Blog Loving (coming SOON!) (3)
Give me a post idea (1)
If you have ever visited a nursing home as a ministry you get (3) entries!
Aske me a question so I can do a question and answer post! (1 per question)

The giveaway will end on the 12th.

Now Comment away!!!

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  1. cool! oh ya, its actully to Vietnam..


  2. for some reason I can't see the pictures.. hmmm

  3. Hey Emma,

    I followed Teddy's Cause on Blogger (I did it privately...)

    You should definitely do a post/a series of posts about what you struggle with as an almost-teenage Christian girl in today's society. It's a popular topic, for sure, and one that everyone (including me!) enjoys reading.

    I have visited nursing homes for ministry -- there's a nursing home just outside of Yanji that I've visited before with my youth group. We went and spoke to them, sang for them, and just talked with them, listened to their stories, shared our faith with them, and ate lunch with them. :)

    An my questions:

    1. Why did you decide to start a blog?

    2. What are three of your favorite blogs that you would suggest to young, Christian women/girls?

  4. I awarded you at my blog Emma!

    Also I will try to do your tag once I get a chance!

  5. I can't seem to see the pictures.

  6. What she does is you tell her the place (like a swimming pool) then she draws it with teddy bears so the pic y'all will win is not up there.

  7. (I just realized that I should have been putting all my entries in one comment...I'm so sorry! :( )

    I've actually went to a nursing home and volunteered 6 seperate occasions.


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