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When I am 13 I get a purity ring for my birthday, but what is purity? Is it just saving your first kiss or is there more? Here are some things Purity means to me...

First of all saving your heart for the man God brings to you.(this is something I am doing please do not get offended it is totally your and your family's choice on what you do) One thing you can do to save your heart that I am doing is not dating. I think dating is giving away bits and pieces of your heart to men who you may only have fun with for a few months. I have seen some teenagers who date and seem very in love, but then they brake up. I don't want this. Since my sisters and I were little not dating has been something Mama and Daddy have told us that we are not doing. I do not mind this choice of there's because I want to stay pure.

Also God will send the man you are to marry. Since God is in control of that I think we should try to save our thoughts. We want to just wait on who God brings us and not think romantic thoughts about any one. In our home we try not to watch too many Romancy movies because you can see this perfect romance and start wanting to be able to date and have some romance in our lives.

Something that we try to do is dress modestly. I think it is important we don't dress in tight close that show off our body's. We don't want men to fall in love with our looks, but our hearts. I wear either a skirt or pants (not tight) and a not tight, not too low cut (white shirts are awesome), shirt.

Also we won't to give God our hearts to take care of. To keep while you are still single. God always takes care of what is HIS. Yes HE does let things happen but do you think God lets things happen because HE wants to Hurt us or Help us? I think if HE brought something into our lives that are challenging that HE would not bring it to Hurt is but to Help us in our faith.

I got a few girls, Bethany, Trinka, and Talia. I got them to answer these 5 questions

1. What is purity to you?

2. Is purity important to you?

3. Do you have a purity ring?

4. are you saving you first kiss for Mairage?

5. What do your parents think?

6. Do your parents suport you in your choice?

So here are there answers...

1. What is purity to you? To me, purity is not only saving yourself for marriage, but also being being modest in both attire and attitude. Attire, so as not be the cause of a brother in Christ's lust...and attitude because, well our attitude defines who we are to many people. If you are loud and you talk waaaay too much, even if your clothing is modest, you will not be remembered as such. Where as if you have a "gentle and quiet spirit " {goodness, that's hard for me!} and dress modestly....guess how you'll be remembered ;) Even though you may not get as much attention, you are obeying the Lord!

2. Is purity important to you? Yes, so very important!

3. Do you have a purity ring? No...but though I don't have an object to show my commitment to purity, the thought behind it is still there. :)

4. are you saving you first kiss for Marriage?  Yes :) I don't judge people for not doing it, {after all there's nothing wrong with simply kissing your boyfriend or fiance, as long as it doesn't go "too far." Too far being judged by both of your standards and what both of you know you can do without even your thoughts going places they shouldn't} I just think it's so romantic! 

5. What do your parents think?
6. Do your parents suport you in your choice?

Extra: I've chosen to not date until I'm ready to consider marriage {if marriage is something God has planned for me}....though if you ask my dad, I'm not allowed to date until I'm 40 :)  Yes I know that sound rather drastic {my decided age of dating...not my dad's...though that is a bit drastic, too, don't you think? ;)}, but I don't want to be spending my teenage years having my thoughts consumed by "boys" {I prefer to call them "guys"} how "cute" they are and "Oooooh!!! Did he just look at me?!?!?" Also, when I do decide to start dating, the guy will have to first ask my parents, then me. Then, I'll {try to remember to} pray about... :) Imma keep that guy waitin'! But, hey, if he really wants to date me, he'll just have to be patient! :)


1. What is purity to you?

Keeping your mind, heart, and body clean of anything that would not please God.

2. Is purity important to you?

It's extremely important to me!

3. Do you have a purity ring?

Yes, I do :-).
4. are you saving you first kiss for marriage?
Yes, I am.

What is purity to you?
1. Purity to me is saving your heart, and not only that, but going to the highest level of achieving that goal. Purity, to me is saving your whole, complete heart for the one you marry and while you are waiting for that time to come, to delight in the Lord as your One True Love!

Is purity important to you?
2. Yes! Purity is very important to me for several reasons. Number one, it's important to the Lord so it's therefore very important to me. I also think its important in order to have a good marriage relationship with your future spouse, if the Lord allows you to marry one day. Purity is there to help keep your relationship with the Lord clean as well, and it helps you to focus on Him more since you aren't filling that time loving someone whom you may or may not marry.

Do you have a purity ring?
3. No, I don't have a purity ring, however I've thought about it a lot and would love to get one in the future! 

Are you saving your first kiss for marriage?
4. Yes, I have made the choice to save my first kiss for my wedding day. By doing this I will show my husband just how much I value him by saving that for him alone and not giving it to just anyone who comes by and likes me. I have also chosen to do the bibilcal courtship versus the worlds modern way of dating. I believe that dating, without a parents instruction and advice can end up in a very bad place and I am so thankful that my parents are supporting my choice to court.
Here are my answers.
Emma (me :)

1. What is purity to you?
Purity is saving your whole self for marriage. Your kiss your thought everything!
2. Is purity important to you?
YES! It is very important! My Mama and Daddy dated, but ever since I was really little we were told we were not going to date. I think as we have grown older we have relised how much more important it is than just not dating.

3. Do you have a purity ring?
No but I am getting one for my 13th birthday *squeals* :)

4. are you saving you first kiss for Marriage?
Yes! I think it is a wonderful thing to save your first kiss for the man God has for you to marry.

5. What do your parents think?
My parents are the ones who started us when we were young knowing we were not going to date so what more can I say ;).
6. Do your parents support you in your choice? 
Yes! I have not talked to my Daddy about it much but I know they like and support my choice! 

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29: 10~12

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  1. Lovely post, Emma! I figured I'd answer the questions, too, just for fun. :)

    1. What is purity to you? To me, purity is preserving yourself, saving yourself for one person and one person only.

    2. Is purity important to you? Most definitely --it's harder than people make it out to be, but it'll be worth it in the end.

    3. Do you have a purity ring? I do not. I've thought about getting one, but I'm terrible with rings, so we'll see how it goes. :)

    4. Are you saving you first kiss for Marriage? This one is where some people get offended. I would like to see people save their kisses for marriage, but some people think it's okay if they don't. I think this one just depends on your personal convictions --I love it when people save their kisses (romantic much?) but I'm definitely not judgemental of the people who share a kiss or two while courting.

    5. What do your parents think? My parents are the ones who encouraged me to court and not date, so they're with it all the way.

    6. Do your parents suport you in your choice? They definitely support courtship/dating when you're ready for marriage.

  2. This is an awesome post, all! I am saving my first kiss for when I walk down the isle to the man I marry.


  3. Interesting POV. But I personally, don't think there's anything wrong with wearing skinny jeans and the like, as long as you're careful with it. Besides, someone might not give your heart a chance if they think you look a certain way :/

    Also, when you say: Since me and my sisters were little not dating has been something Mama and Daddy have told us that we are not doing.

    Even though I know what you mean, that sentence makes it sound like not dating is something you're not going to do! An effect of the double negative. You should probably rephrase that to something like:

    Ever since we were little, Mama and Daddy said dating is something my sisters and I are not going to do


    1. I'd agree with you on the first part of your paragraph there. :) When it comes to clothing, it really all depends on who you're with and what your personal convictions are. I know a lot of people who don't wear pants "for modesty reasons" --I'm totally not against it, but I personally believe that sometimes, wearing a dress *isn't* modest (i.e climbing trees)!

      When it comes to skinny jeans, there's the good and the bad. I admit, I own a pair, and wear them quite often. But, they're the same size as any other pair of jeans I own --they're not tight around the butt or anything like that. The only difference is that they're tapered at the ankles, which makes it easier to wear boots and things like that. I do have a problem with the people you know are a size 8, and they've squeezed themselves into a size 2 pair of skinny jeans. :P

    2. Ya as long as you are not bringing atention to a part of your body that you should not. If I had a cute pair of skinny jeans I would probebly be happy (yours sound cute!)

    3. I am not dating but my Grammer is really bad :)

    4. Yeah, I know a lot of people who wear things purely for the purpose of drawing attention to parts of their bodies that others really shouldn't be bothering with. :O But I'm not a very flattering person in jeans, so I'm pretty sure that I don't have that kind of problem. ;)

  4. This was nice :) I loved reading yours and the other girl's "interviews" :)

  5. I LOVE your post!! I agree with it!!
    By the way, your blog really insipires me!

  6. I love this. Purity is so much more then just saying your first kiss.

    Thank you for this post!
    God bless all you sweet girls!


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