Friday, February 24, 2012

Okay Followers!

I hope to get 100 followers by MAYBE March something. So, if you want to I would love y'all to write a blog post about my blog and put a link and this pic.

BUT, there is something in here for you! If you do this when my big Blog Birthday Party is here (even better than my Valentines giveaway, I hope) you will get extra entries to the giveaway!!! (I am not going to tell you HOW many but it will be a good many ;)

So please! Help me reach 100 followers!!!

7 note(s):

  1. I'll feature you on my next New Week New Blog!

  2. Hey Emma! I will write a post tomorrow for you! You are so close! PS. Love your buttons!

  3. scheduled a post to come out monday about it!

  4. Doing a post :) Love the button! And I love the new design!

  5. I put the picture on my blog that links to your blog, and I posted about it!! :)



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